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15 Years Developing, Deploying and Supporting Software Solutions!

CIRCUIT Business Solutions is a customer centric software development company established more than six years ago. We offer specialized unparalleled process automation solutions while leveraging modern inclusive technologies.

With our tailor-made software solutions, our clients are assured of increased productivity, efficiency, unrivalled support services and investment of solutions tailored only to their business specific needs. We dedicate ourselves to providing a full range of innovative software solutions using pioneering inclusive technologies to our clients world-wide. 

Our experts handle your projects prudently and develop these solutions from the beginning, fully customizing the solutions to satisfy our clients’ internal business requirements. 

We are Trusted Software & Business Re-engineering Consultants
Our Services
Bespoke Software Development

We develop solutions that scale to all platforms: Mobile, Web, Desktop. We develop standalone solutions as well as add-on solutions to existing systems. Bespoke Software is the perfect solution for companies that want to set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a system that is unique to them, and designed for maximum efficiency, rather than relying on a commercial system that their direct competitors are likely using too. We have strong background with mobile applications. 

Our flagship product is Apptorney, a digitised legal content platform. We believe in mobile and that some tasks can only be naturally performed on our smartphones because they are always with us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Implementation

We have partnered with Regional Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partners in Africa to provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP  in Zambia and beyond. Microsoft Dynamics 365 assists organizations with managing their businesses with efficiency and flexibility.

Bringing together finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, warehouse, and inventory, enterprise resource planning systems are a critical tool in unifying operations across the many departments businesses must manage

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We develop complex Data-warehouse and reporting solutions with drill down functionality to the lowest detail. This reports are are deployed on the web for ease of access by Management and other report driven departments.

Our Business Intelligence software is precisely designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence. We also develop Automated Notifications for critical business information so you never have to miss a thing.

Enterprise System Support

Protect your investment in your systems with the finest in software support from Circuit. All clients automatically receive three months of Basic Software Support as a project deliverable. Due to client demand resulting from the increasing complexity inherent in today’s software world, Circuit is pleased to offer a comprehensive support program. Exciting new additions to our programs include guaranteed response time and a “Remote Access” option. Contact us for more information or to enroll at the level that’s right for you.

Key Projects Portfolio

We have extensive experience in Retail Solutions and the Business Intelligence Solutions for. 

We have been implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP in the African landscape for more than 10 years. 

Our in-house Business Intelligence System integrates with the Retail Systems to provide reporting tools that suits the business needs. 


This web-based solution was developed to assist local farmers market their agricultural inputs through a common platform.
This included market agents whose also buy and sell produce for the same farmers in the platform.

The system streamlines agricultural transactions by providing an online marketplace that farmers can access via mobile applications and USSD.

The system has a real-time Business Intelligence module which is instrumental for decision making at both Management and operational levels.

Circuit Business Solutions has developed a fully-fledged Management Information System that automates Loan Management, Unit Trusts management, Pension Funds management and clients’ management. 

The system is integrated with an online portal for online applications and personalized reporting. For financial integration, we seamlessly integrated the system with an online accounting solution.

Making smart business decisions takes a clear understanding of the information relevant to solving the problem.

At Circuit, we simplify that sophisticated process by developing simple to use Business Intelligence Reports and tools to help clients make better data driven decisions. 

We develop these decision-making tools from vast quantities of information clients hold from within their own repositories and also from external sources e.g. legacy systems.

Circuit Business Solutions developed Apptorney, a digitized legal content platform that seeks to promote access to justice through a marketplace for legal services and information using inclusive technologies like apps, USSD and SMS. 

Apptorney also provides digital content Access to Case Law, Legislations and Subsidiary Legislations in iOs, Android was & web platforms. 

Resource Management Application: Scope includes Clocking, Event, Books, Movies & Equipment Reservations, Member Profile Updates, Member Reservation  & Cancellations

Events Management: This is Competition Management system used for application submissions, Mentoring, Judging and shortlisting applicants up-to the final stage.

Logistics Management: Fully-fledged logistics solution that automated the Client’s crucial shipping business processes.

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