About Us

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  • About Circuit

    Circuit was founded in October 2014 by two young entrepreneurs to offer affordable, relevant and high quality Business Software Solutions and Services to Zambian companies. 

    Being locally based gives us the advantage of understanding our customers and the environment in which they operate. It also allows us to give unparalleled Software Support after implementation.

  • What We Do

    We develop Bespoke and Off-the-shelf software. We also offer Enterprise Software Management Contracts.

  • Why Circuit?

    We are a challenge to the status quo and a testament that quality software can be developed in Zambia by Zambians at a low cost. We also believe that technology can contribute greatly to the Zambian Economy.

  • What We Envision

    A company that grows over the years to be a key player in the technology space, not just in Zambia but globally. When that is achieved, we will have contributed our fair share in the development of our motherland, Zambia.

A Little About Our Team

We are a team of differently gifted and energetic young people with a mission to develop a company with a lasting legacy.

  • edwin

    Edwin Kamau

    — Co-Founder/ Director
    • 10 Years ICT Experience
    • BSc Business Information Systems & Technology
    • Data Scientist
  • Muchu K.

    Muchu Kaingu

    — Co-Founder/ Director
    • 10 Years ICT Experience
    • BSc in Computing
    • Solution Architect
  • ngandu_white

    Andrew Kaunda

    — Application Developer
    • BSc in Computing
  • jessica_white

    Jessica N’kaa

    — Application Developer
    • BSc in Computing

Our Core Values

    • Focus

      We focus on what we excel at: Software Development.
      We focus on our company.
      We focus on YOU, our customer.

    • Impute

      We ensure that our products are our Ambassadors. By using them our customers can reflect on our passion and commitment to what we do.

    • Empathy

      We care. “A button on a User Interface is not just a button. It must look right and feel right.”. A lot of thought goes into our development process about our customers. When they use our products, we want them to feel the connection to us and that we care deeply for them.

    • Simplicity

      Simplicity is not easy. We go through a tedious amount of work to ensure that our customers can accomplish their tasks in the shortest period of time using our products. A lot of emphasis goes into our design process. We admire minimalism and employ it in our design process – a lot!